About the Council

Councillors are elected by local people to serve as their area representative on a local authority. Most Councillors stand for election as a political party candidate. In Bath and North East Somerset there are 59 Councillors -   35 Liberal Democrats, 10 Conservatives, 6  Independents, 5 Labour, 1 Green Party, 2 No Party.

Some represent urban areas and others represent rural areas. The areas they represent are known as Wards.

The main roles of a Councillor are:-

  1. To represent the interests of the whole community that elected him/her.
  2. As a Member of the Council to participate in making the main decisions about the level of local government services provided throughout the Council area and how they are to be provided. 
  3. To pursue political desires, e.g. for social change.
  4. To represent the interests of the Council and its area.

Councillors are paid out-of-pocket expenses and a Basic Allowance to acknowledge their financial and time commitment in performing all of the roles expected of them. Those with specific roles also receive Special Responsibility Allowances.

The Leaders / Spokesperson of each Group :-

  • Councillor Kevin Guy - Liberal Democrat Group Leader
  • Councillor Vic Pritchard - Conservative Group Leader
  • Councillor Karen Walker  - Independents Group Spokesperson
  • Councillor Robin Moss  - Labour Group Leader

Corporate Strategy 2020-2024

The Corporate Strategy 2020-2024 is the Council’s overarching strategic plan. It sets out what we plan to do, how we plan to do it, and how we will measure our performance over the next four years.

The strategy contains a new framework for what we will focus on and how we will work:

  1. We have one overriding purpose – to improve people’s lives. This brings together everything we do, from cleaning the streets to caring for our older people. It is the foundation for our strategy and we will ensure that it drives our commitments, spending and service delivery.
  2. We have two core policies – tackling the climate and nature emergency and giving people a bigger say. These will shape our work.
  3. To translate our purpose into commitments, we have identified three principles. We want to prepare for the future, deliver for local residents and focus on prevention.

You can read the Corporate Strategy here.